CIMC DongYue Series Products


Integrator of industrial wisdom.Thinker of industrial intelligence.Practitioner of Special vehicles.


Container Semi Trailer,Low Bed Semi Trailer,Side Wall Semi Trailer,Fence Semi Trailer,Fuel Tank trailer,Bulk cement trailer etc.


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CIMC DongYue Features and Benefit


Integrate industrial wisdom , and promote brand development. CIMC Dongyue regards scientific innovation and technical research and development as development resource.

It uses international and domestic leading technology as core for 30 years, is engaged in innovation and application of new material,

new technology and new technique, and realizes product update, brand development and industrial progress. 









CIMC DongYue - Who we are


CIMC DongYue Become Subsidiary of CIMC Group officially,

Begin to Research&Development-Manufacture-Sale Orthodox CIMC Series vehicle Products.


Undivided attention,focus on industry development,Step one printing,record the footprint of the brand,

CIMC DongYue Growth,a full of glory and dream with time,and time with songs.